Q-Band HR

Hello everyone!!! I want to share with you my impressions about this Q-Band Fitness Tracker - Watch. It shows the Activity, Steps, Fitness, Calories and Sleep Tracker. It has wireless Bluetooth Synchronization with iPhone and Android Devices with OLED Display.

I like the band, the design, and all the information that the watch provide. I can track how many calories I loose when I walk or workout. It leave you check your heart rate. You can feel the vibration in your wrist with the call and notifications. I know when someone is calling me. I received notifications if I receive a message, or if someone like my photos or follow me. It has alarm and it remains you to move while sitting too long.

You must to connect the watch with the health application for iOS or Android with Bluetooth. You’ll be able to review day-by-day progress, centrally view all activity and share all your data across devices, as well as sync to Apple Health or Google Fit. The application is free the name is “i-gotU Life”

The band is reversible. You can pick black or Camouflage design. I like to change the colors of my watch depend of the outfit.

The battery don't last too much around 4 days for me. You only can read part of the message not the complete message. The watch wake me up in the middle of the night because it goes alone to day. I put sleep mode and it come back alone again. So I'm not using the watch to sleep. I contact the company by email but I didn't received any message yet. I don't know if my watch have a problem or all the watches are defective. For me is important to check the amount of sleep and quality. If you need the watch for workout is good for that one. With the sleeping tracking function you must to have a detailed report of your deep sleep, light sleep, REM and awake time.
It is not waterproof only it's sweat, rain and splash proof.

For more information you can watch these videos!

You can get it here

Onena Carpente

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