Go Caddy : Bottle water bag

I love this kind of companies that create products to make our life more easy. This bag is wonderful if you like to maintain hydrated all day. I'm trying to drink 3 liters of water per day. And I love this bag because I can go out with all the things that I need with my hands free. before I have in one hand the bottle of water and in the other hand the keys and the phone. Now I can go outside to walk and workout without stress. I use this bag every single day. It comes with a water bottle cooler sleeve to maintain your drinks cold. The bag holds a variety of bottles up to 1.5 liter.
It has a lot space. The deep front pocket is made with Velcro closure very nice to open and close fast. I place my phone there and the important documents like money, ID, credit cards, license. It has a security minded hidden interior pocket perfect to place the passport.
The other pocket in the back has a elastic pouch very convenient to place the sunglasses, headphones, camera, makeup, etc. The strap is adjustable 54". I use the bag like my purse but if I want to workout I cross the bag to keep it in place.
The slender tote come with two D rings and one metal clip to hang the keys. The keychain is very resistant and you can use it to hang several keys. They have more colors to pick from: Brown, Red and Black. I prefer black color to match with all my clothes.
I highly recommend you to get this bag for travel, workout, go park, beach, concerts, Zoo, camping, etc. It is lightweight and packs flat for traveling. It is a must to have for a healthy lifestyle.

Benefits to drink water
Water Can Help Control Calories
Drinking Water Helps Maintain the Balance of Body Fluids
Water Helps Energize Muscles
Water Helps Keep Skin Looking Good
Water Helps Your Kidneys
Water Helps Maintain Normal Bowel Function
Brain boost
Sickness fighter
Keep things flowing
Pain prevention
Fatigue buster
Productivity boost
You can get the bag here http://www.gocaddy.com/

Onena Carpente
Stay Hydrated!

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