Bling my Thing

Valentine's is coming and I'm going to share with you some gift ideas. This case for the phone is adorable. It is part of simple is beautiful collection.
It is made of Swarovski Crystals hand placed in timeless arrangements. It works for iPhone 7 and 6/6S. If you have the pink model like me is going to looks gorgeous.
It has a big butterfly and two tones of pink color in the design.
I also got the silicone loops for the Apple watch. Bling my Thing also add Crystals from Swarovski. It comes with a heart and regular crystals. They are made with premium grade silicone. It is silk, soft touch finish. And you can add it to your watch of 38mm or 42 mm. They have several colors and designs to pick in their web page https://bling-my-thing.com/

Onena Carpente
Shine like a diamond!

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