Salt and Pepper Grinder Set by MYS HOMEWARE

When I received this set I was impress because the bottles are big. They look beautiful in the dinner table. I think that this is the best option for the home. This set comes with all that I need. It looks very elegant and they decor the kitchen very well. I'm happy with this set by Mys Homeware because I use pepper every single day. 

Complete set:

CONTEMPORARY SALT and PEPPER SHAKERS made of brushed stainless steel with an adjustable ceramic grinder for coarse or fine settings and glass jars that are dishwasher-safe and perfect for spices, seasonings, herbs, and hard cheeses

KITCHEN PEELER made of stainless steel that will not rust and can cut vegetables, cheeses, and other items with ease and quickly; easy to clean and safe to put in the dishwasher & 2-IN-1 cleaning brush for cleaning the grinders gears and removing food from the peeler

SILICONE FUNNEL works perfectly for pouring dry or liquid contents into the shakers or any other small-mouthed jar or container; pink in color with a thumb holder; safe to put in the dishwasher

Onena Carpente
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