Garden Essentials

Good quality garden hose nozzle. It has 8 settings of water pressure. It is great to clean the patio and cars. For watering the plants is perfect and it has a lot pressure to go far away. I'm very happy with the sprayer and the material is hard and resistant so is going to last a long time.

Choose from jet, flat, center, cone, full, soaker, mist, shower. to meet any and all of your watering needs. The adjustable settings provide a variety of water pressures for everything from patio cleaning to misting delicate flowers in your garden.

Made of solid metal with baked enamel finish. Robust metal construction with a baked enamel coating, this sprayer not only looks polished but is robust and much stronger than plastic water nozzles. The baked enamel gives it a strong durable finish that looks attractive and prevents rust.

Onena Carpente

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