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I'm so exited to share with all my beauties this amazing product that it really works. I enjoy to share products that makes women happy and beautiful. This temporary root concealer of Everpro Beauty: Gray Away is a must have in the beauty bag. In just 10 seconds you are going to look like you went to the salon. I think that it is fantastic to protect the hair to be dry between the coloring. It last all day long. It comes in a nice spray in 1.5 oz - 42.5 g. Contains 40 applications. I got the color black - dark brown.

You can get it online or in any drugstore. I invite you to check the link of the brand here http://grayaway.com/product/root-concealer-spray   Is a great solution for every day.

How to use
SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. For best results, apply to dry hair. Hold can 2-3 inches from hair root. Move hand continuously back and forth until gray is evenly covered. Let dry 2-3 minutes.


Temporary root concealer that extends the life of your color
Unique pinpoint applicator provides targeted coverage
Self-adjusting color technology that blends with hair color
Natural emollients adhere to hair, while keeping a soft, natural feel
Fast drying & sweat resistant
Washes out with shampoo
No mixing, no mess - just spray and go!

Onena Carpente
Enjoy your day!
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