Review : Moisture Meter for the plants

I didn't know that this product existed. It is just an amazing idea, now I can check the levels of water in my plants. I always have problem with my little roses. Sometimes I put to much water and another times they are very dry. For me this product is extraordinary. It really helps to save my plants.
 I wanted to find it before because I lost one of my favorites plants. I absolutely recommend you to buy this product and place it in every plant. It comes with a plant watering guide in the back of the box. You must to remove and wipe clean after each use.
Measure soil's moisture content by just plugging in the probe
Easy to read moisture levels, including ten scales
No batteries or electricity needed, plug and read
Color coded reading system, from red, green to blue
Compact and portable design for indoor/outdoor use

Onena Carpente

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