Handmade crochet Chet swim and beach wear by SeaSideMotifs

Spring is here!!! If you are looking for a beautiful swimsuit this style handmade crochet is the winner for this season. I'm size M. I got this pretty military color. You can buy it online at www.theswimweartags.com It looks beautiful in the body. I highly recommend you to get it. It is very delicate and feminine. I love it!

Shell crochet bikini is offered in unusual taupe color and has shell-like texture. This bikini embellished with real shells along neckline and on upper edge of the bottom. Top features adjustable halter and back ties. You can wear it with the shells at center or turn it up side down and attach placing shells straight on lower strap. Bikini bottom features adjustable side ties and full rear coverage. It is fully lined.

More about the brand

SeaSideMotifs – exclusive handmade crochet swim & beach wear with stretchy texture!
The innovation about our brand is its texture – all bikinis made out of stretchy cotton yarn. This texture allows to create delicate styles while offering desired fit and coverage.
All bikinis are handmade in the USA.
Crochet texture is not that tight as regular fabric is, so all bikinis come fully lined with removable light weight padding on top.
While creating your own elegancy, take a look at our entire line. We hand crafted models including many aspects of the beauty – vivid characters, remarkable color mixers, refined finishing and much more.
Onena Carpente

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