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I want to share with you the amazing experience that we had visiting Game Time . We had a lot of fun. We played during a lot of hours in almost all the machines.
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It is a nice place to go with all the family. The kids will enjoy a lot. There are two salons, one of them is VIP to have birthday parties, it is very private. The place has two stories and it is easy to check the kids from the second floor. On the second floor you are going to find another bar and a couple of tables to play billiards. Pretty awesome!
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You just have to buy the cards to play with the machines. There are two types of cards, the red and the blue ones. With the red cards you have complete access to all the games. With the blue ones you can only play with the blue machines. At the end of your day you can change your points inside your cards for prizes.
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At the entrance of Game Time there is a huge restaurant and a bar. We enjoyed eating a big pizza with extra black olives and we had a brownie with chocolate ice-cream, syrup and whipped cream for dessert.
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I invite all my readers to go there because you are going to have a good experience. I just want to say special thanks to all the managers and all the staff who helped us to have our special day.
We saw a lot of winners that day
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GameTime Miami

5701 Sunset Dr. Suite 330, Miami, FL 33143
(305) 667-4263
GameTime – Miami is a video game arcade and family entertainment center, located in the Shops at Sunset Place Mall. Have fun playing in the arcade filled with games, ride-simulators, attractions and amusements, made for the entire family to enjoy together.
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Onena Carpente
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