Review : Sports Armband

 Sports Armband By SoundWhiz
This Armband is great to do exercises without being worry about your cell phone. It is lightweight and helps to protect the phone of the sweat. It is washable and also offers flexibility for wired or wireless devices and brands. It fix a lot of phone sizes.
The purple color is beautiful and bright. It comes with reflective strip good for night. And the size of the pocket to put the key is amazing for the locker of the gym. I highly recommend to buy this product I like the quality. There is nothing like do exercises with a good music for keep the energy!
  • It comes with a free Bonus extender that offers flexibility for small to large biceps 8-22" An adjustable strap offers different settings so band stays in place even for vigorous exercise
  • The Key slot and high vis reflective strip lets you run hassle free in low light without keys. Call anytime with the easy to use clear touch screen and listen to music on the go
  • It's comfortable, adjustable & secure. Suits Samsung Galaxy S4, 5,6, S6 Edge, iPhone 6,5,4, LG, not suitable for iPhone 6 plus
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Stay beautiful!
Onena Carpente

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