LED Flameless Candles

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If you are looking for something special to decorate your home or your bedroom these candles are absolutely gorgeous.
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They are romantic and the best is that they are LED Flameless candles. They come with remote.
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I like them to prevent fire at home and they are great if you have pets or kids. They are made with real wax so they look completely natural and real. They also work for an emergency. They are so pretty I highly recommend you to buy them.
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• The candles are smoke-free, flame-free, and heat-free. Providing peace of mind and safety without the associated risks of traditional candles.
• These real wax candles are an ivory color. When lit; they're a beautiful flickering Golden/Amber color.
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• On/off remote control with battery included.
• Securely packaged and delivered direct to you in molded styrofoam for greater safety.
• Our battery operated candles accept rechargeable batteries as long they keep the same voltage.
• Our candles provide perfect results for those suffering from COPD, smoke allergies or hypersensitive asthma.
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Note: Each candle requires 3 AAA batteries (not included).
Stay beautiful and creative!
Onena Carpente

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