Review : Adjustable Fitness Storage Running Belt

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If you are doing exercises and you want to feel that you are free, you need to get this kind of belts. It is perfect to carry the cell phone, the keys of the car and gym, the money and ID. This belt of Fit-Flux is adjustable and hands free.
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It is made of high quality durable velcro strap. It fits all the sizes: X-Small and X-Large or up to 42 inch waistline. It comes in black and it is unisex. It is made of high tech flexible spandex Lycra material that is machine washable.
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I really like it because it is very light only 3 ounces. It has two pockets and fits all the phone sizes, LG, I-Phone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy. It is perfect for any type of exercises, walk with your dog and also if you are going to travel is a good solution for the airport.
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  • The Fit-Flux Running Belt is so Simple and Practical for all active types: runners, bikers, hikers,travelers, etc.
  • It is so Sleek and Stylish that you can even Wear it Under Your Clothes instead of a Wallet or a Purse.
  • Made from High Tech Top Quality Machine Washable/ Machine Dryable Spandex
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How to use it
Simply wrap the belt around your waist or hips and easuly secure it with adjustable velcro strap. It doesn´t move.

Stay beautiful!
Onena Carpente

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