Review : Wearever Underwear + Giveaway

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I want to share with you these absorbent panties of Wearever. They are absolutely soft and comfortable to wear every day. You are going to feel confident without stress. They come with a sexy flair with lace. I pick the black one. These panties are a soft, silky nylon trimmed with stretch lace.
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They are super absorbent if you are looking for extra protection. These panties are great for you if you are pregnant, have a lot of menstruation or leakage. They also work wonderful if you want to exercice without worries. Also they are washing machine and dryer safe and they last for 200-250 washes.
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They have:
  • Agion™ antimicrobial fibers that help reduce the bacteria that cause odor and have a waterproof outer layer to prevent leakage and provide double protection, leaving you feeling safe all-day long.
  • Super absorbent Unique - Dri™ pad to trap liquid for all-day protection with no inserts or disposable pads required.
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Onena Carpente

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