Review : Crave Naturals : Blemish Removal kit

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If you have some skin problems I highly recommend you to buy these tools for the treatment of your face. Using these tools you are going to avoid bacteria in your open skin. If you try to remove the imperfections it is not healthy to touch your face with your nails and fingers. Actually, I recommend you to disinfect the tools before and after every use. I put the tools for 5 minutes in alcohol before to use. The first time you can leave then 15 minutes in alcohol and hot water.
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The holes come in different sizes. You can match them with the size of your imperfection. Never use force or use the tools with open, irritated or infected areas. The blemish removal kit come with a nice pouch with a perfect size to carry in your makeup bag and also to travel.
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  • TEXTURED HANDLES Provides non-slip grip Provides excellent monitoring hand so you can remove blemishes like a pro!
  • DOUBLE ENDED Each tool does double duty taking care of any size or type of blemish Including whiteheads, blackheads, pimples and acne. Double ended loop gets even hard to reach areas around your nose.
  • SURGICAL GRADE September comes with 5 Hygienic, That top quality tools are made to last.
  • 100% STAINLESS STEEL Blemish removal comedone extractor tool kit With lancet, resists rust, staining and corrosion.
  • ESTHETICIAN APPROVED professional tools will remove all pimples and blackheads so you can do your own facial from the privacy of your own home.
  • Safe Removal of Pimples, Blemishes or Zits
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What's in the kit?
  • 1 Lancet/Spoon Extractor:
One side of the tool has a small spoon with a hole in the middle. It is used to apply gentle pressure to the area so the trapped sebum (oily secretion) is pushed out and released. The other side is a small, sharp lancet that is used to puncture a whitehead to release the sebum.
  • 3 Loop (Comedone) Extractors:
Each loop end is a different size making it easy to deal all types of blemishes.
  • 1 Angled Extractor:
The angled loop extractor is ideal for the outer ear, the side of the nose, or other hard to reach areas.
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Stay beautiful!
Onena Carpente
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