Aromatherapy in my home with Renuzit Pearl Scents + Giveaway

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I want to introduce you the new line of Renuzit Pearl Scents. I really like this brand of air fresheners to aromatize my home because the scents are long lasting and it come in several aromas to choose from.
They are available in these aromas: Blue Sky Breeze; Serenity; Sparkling Rain; Tranquil and Seductive Pineapple.
My favorites are Serenity and Tranquil. All of them look beautiful in the home because the colors are bright. They come in blue, purple, green, light blue and yellow perfect to match any decoration in your home. I like the aromatherapy aromas and all of them are very relaxing and calm.
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I like to place them in my bedroom and also in my closet, the scent that they leave in my clothes is delicious. They also work perfectly to use in the bathrooms. I recommend you to put one in the entrance of your home or in the living room. When someone enter to your home they are going to ask you: what do you use?
I like the new presentation with gel balls that spread continuos the freshness.
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I have a giveaway for all my reader if you want to win one of the 3 free Renuzit Pearl Scents follow the rules and you are in. 
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Stay beautiful and relax!
Onena Carpente
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"I received this product in exchange of my review, all the opinions are my own"
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