My new 100% cotton anklet socks

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This time of the year I love to wear boots and I want to get really soft cotton anklet socks for every day. I love this brand Wearever, the socks are absolutely soft and comfortable. With other brands I always got marks in my anklets at the end of the day with my boots. Many standard socks restrict blood flow, I don´t like that because it hurts. 

I highly recommend you to buy these socks. They are made with 100% cotton with no elastic or synthetics. They are high quality. Each pack comes with 3 pairs per of socks and they are great for every day. My favorite color is black, they also have them in white. If you have sensitive skin or diabetes these socks are perfect. By wearing wearever socks, you’ll reduce the likelihood of chafing and sweating.
3 ways to wear them
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For women they have shoe sizes:
  • 5-7
  • 7.5 - 9
  • 9.5 - 10.5 
  • 11
These socks are the perfect gift for these holidays. The shipping is fast and the company is amazing. These cotton socks are what we must have in our closets. You can follow wearever here: 

Until December 20 Use promo code "10ACC" to get 10% off of all Accessories. Enjoy!

Onena Carpente
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