Review : Ebook : No, No, No, No, No, Yes by Gideon Amichay

This is one of those books you cannot miss to have in your library. Gideon Amichay is a dreamer like all of us that, despite all the barriers throughout his life towards achieving his dreams, he dealt with them in a very positive way. He never lost sight of his goal to try to achieve what he wanted. This is a motivational history of his own life.

Sometimes in life we find very negative people, however it cannot be a point of distraction or something that makes us loose hope or motivation. We can never let other people influence the way how we feel. If something goes wrong you have to keep insisting until you achieve it. That was what made the author of this book reach his dream job. He is a cartoonist and his dream was to work in The New Yorker magazine. In the book he tells everything that happened until he achieved his position in the company. There comes the title of the book: No, No, No, No, No, Yes. The recruiters of the company told him NO for a long time until one day he obtained a YES for an answer. I believe that things happen for a reason and in a defined time. When something is going to be yours, is going to be yours no matter what.
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Gideon begins the book recounting all the NO´s he got for an answer since he was little. He narrated some good examples. One of my favorite quotes of the book is “Every NO comma is a great opportunity to search for the next YES.” Never forget that. I think that this book is an amazing idea because everyone had these histories in life. And not everyone is sincere and tell you all the bad things they had to go through to finally get what they have. People don´t talk about their ways to be successful. Sometimes the people only talk about pink things. It´s like Facebook you only see beautiful photos in your timeline. But this is real life, nothing is easy so don´t give up. Try, try and try again.

I also like this book because the caricaturist shows his cartoons. They are so cool seriously. I have no idea why he was dismissed some many times before he got the job. It is unbelievable! I hope that you like the book and find some inspiration to go after your dreams. Have a nice day!

Everything is possible!

Onena Carpente
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